Friday, 28 February 2014 10:04 pm
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Hello out there! What, you thought I was dead? That’s okay, I don’t blame you. After all, its been nearly two months since I’ve posted anything. But I have a good reason for that…

It’s my first-ever published android app called Knitty! It is a simple row-tracker that helps you keep your place in your knitting patterns. I know, I know. There are many like it already out on the play store. But this one is mine. I’ve done something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now: publish an app. I’ve held off for so long because I never thought I had a good idea. I used a lot of the tracking apps on the Play store, but I found them either too cluttered or buggy, or overly complicated.

So I’ve been slaving away, writing and testing code. Really. I would come home from work at 12:30, spend some time with the hubbs, and then write code from maybe 3 PM until at least midnight. There were quite a few nights that I stayed up until 4 or 5 AM because I had a brilliant idea, or because I was bashing a square peg into a round hole. But after nearly three weeks and 150 hours later… I have something that isn’t a hot mess. Right now it is free and ad-supported, but I’d like to eventually have a paid version and a free version, and possibly a more advanced version with a bunch of extra features. Maybe Ravelry integration? I’d like to have a version that is simple and a version that is complex — that way, people that don’t want the complex version still have a simple one to use. I don’t know — maybe that, in itself, is overly complicated. (Hah.)

I have great plans for this app. Even if it never makes me any money, I have great plans…

And don’t worry. I’ll have a crafty update for you soon. I promise. In the meantime, try out my app, and be sure to tell me whatever problems you run into!

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