Tuesday, 16 July 2013

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So, I’ve been quiet lately. Not because anything’s gone terribly wrong, but more because things have been going spectacularly right. All the equipment from the fire has been repaired and replaced, so things are getting back to normal. The days have been incredibly hot here, and we’re in the middle of another heatwave. So the days have been rather slow and lazy…

Which also means I haven’t been very productive.

The blue & yellow bargello has been put on hold for the moment: The only thing remaining is stitching on the binding. I also have a small lap-quilt that needs to be quilted (by hand!) that is on hold. The hubby and I are taking a trip in a few weeks, and I wanted to make sure I had some projects to keep my hands busy while in the car or during the evenings when there’s not much else to do. Since these both are in the hand-stitching phase, I figured they’d both be good candidates. That being said, I have no current quilting projects to work on… But not for lack of trying!

You know how, when you’re reading a wikipedia article, you just start clicking links and getting deeper and deeper and deeper into wikipedia? Wikisurfing? That happened to me over the weekend, but with quilting blogs. I was feeling rather uninspired, and through many links and hours of clicking, I came to Sister’s Choice. And there? I found my inspiration. Earlier this year, Nicole finished her Message in a Bottle quilt, and I thought it was absolutely gorgeous. She worked from a pattern, so I tracked it down online (for only $10!); it has instructions for working with fat quarters. Now, I’ve never done that before — I’ve always bought my fabric from the bolt, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to purchase some Moda fat quarters… And why, the stars just seemed to align! Funny, how that happens… :) So, right now, right this instant, I have one Adobe Stonehenge and two Spring Meadow Stonehenge fat quarter bundles headed my way. The Spring Meadow will be for the Message in a Bottle quilt, and the Adobe? Well. I just thought it was so nice, and since I was already placing an order… I’ll find something to do with it. 

In non-quilting news, I finished building a fire pit in the backyard. Just in time for a heatwave — isn’t my timing great? At least I can console myself with the fact that I’ll be able to enjoy it when the weather cools.


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