Finally, some green!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013 05:37 pm
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I ordered some seeds from Park’s, like I do every year, and they finally came in on Saturday afternoon. I had the weekend off because of the holiday, so I took full advantage and planted over 140 seeds… and as early as Monday morning I had green poking through! My setup down in the basement is a heated seedling mat and shop lights, nothing too fancy. It’ll be enough to get the seedlings through until mid-May when they can be transplanted outside.

We have someone coming out to look at our trees and see what we can do about trimming back some of the canopy. Last year, everything but my tomatoes and cukes had a hard time (or died) because the sun was getting choked out by the trees. We didn’t know it was going to happen, though — it was our first season in the house, and we decided to just let things be how they are and adjust this year. So, we’re adjusting. I’m also contemplating extending the garden closer to the front yard and put a nice little picket fence as a divider between the front yard and the back to give ourselves a little more growing room.

I don’t know if I want to keep the raised beds this year. They worked well last year, so there’s no real reason to get rid of them, but I think it would look nicer if either I got rid of them altogether, or built really nice ones. The ones I have now are just 2×6′s screwed together at the ends. Maybe I could stain and seal the wood (or paint it), build a little rim around them, make them look nice. If I’m putting a picket fence in the front, though, how would the raised beds look with the fence? Well, at least I have a month to decide.

The final list of seeds is: Orange Paruche Tomato, Brandywine Tomato, Triple Crown Hybrid Watermelon, Squash Northern States Hybrid (Zucchini), 8-ball squash, Crimson King Basil, Palco Spinach, Jericho lettuce, Fernleaf Dill, Chives, Lincoln Leek, Alibi Cucumber, Cucumber Diva, Sweet Rainbow Pepper, Calypso Cilantro, Lisianthus (Yellow, Ivory, Blue), and Lobelia (White, Crimson, Blue)

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I recently took a trip to Boston with some fellow coders for Boston Code Camp, held at Microsoft’s New England Research & Development campus (aptly acronymed NERD) in Cambridge. Despite the name “Code Camp” there’s nothing “campy” about it; it’s a day-long conference about Microsoft products, research, ideas, and coding paradigms. Now, I’ve never been pro-Microsoft. I’m not exactly anti-Microsoft, either, but all you have to do is take a look at the devices to I have to see that Microsoft products are definitely a minority. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android), an ASUS Transformer Infinity (Android), an ASUS T101MT/Multitouch Netbook (Ubuntu Netbook). My laptop (MSI GX740) is dual-booting Windows7 and Ubuntu 12.04, while my desktop is running Windows 7.

I find that I keep Windows around for two distinct purposes: Gaming, and programming. And programming in Windows is almost strictly relegated to Windows architecture/languages (.NET languages). I’d argue that 90% of my Java, assembly, and VHDL programming is done in Ubuntu on my laptop. I probably haven’t programmed in .NET languages for well over a year and a half, now. As for gaming, well. That’s not going to change any time soon. PC gaming is practically married to Windows, so unless I want to game on consoles only it looks like I’d have to keep Windows around just for that.

So, my non-Windows devices outnumber my Windows devices 2:1. And I, like many others, thought that Windows 8 was a mistake. A huge mistake. Between having WindowsRT run strictly on ARM processors, and Windows8 basically containing two operating systems (the “metro” UI, and a more traditional UI), it all seemed like overkill. Running Windows8 on a laptop or desktop made no sense to me.

One of the panels at BCC was a “Crash Course In Windows 8″ and covered some of the core Windows8 fundementals, as well as programming issues and how to solve/avoid them. I walked away from this having seen the light. The problem isn’t that Microsoft has made a bad product — the problem is that Microsoft has made a good product that we haven’t figured out how to use yet (and now they have two good products on the market competing against each other). However, they have made a few missteps along the way.

First thing: Windows8 Tile interface and WindowsRT are perfect for tablets. One of the things that Microsoft is really stressing is uniformity. They’ve taken a page from Apple’s book and are enforcing app standards in the Windows Store. They’ve published documentation and guidelines for apps, right down to the size and font families for headers, subheaders, bodytext, and footnotes. They’ve taken the notion of traditional Windows apps and thrown them out the window, instead focusing on full-screen apps, like Android and Apple both utilise on the iPad and Android tablets. They’ve published guidelines on how to utilise whitespace as separators, instead of using boxes to separate content. And they’re pushing for intuitive and unified control via context menus instead of buttons and other form controls that sit in-app. I think this is really a great step forward. I do think that the Tile UI is intuitive and easy to manipulate (both from a programmer’s point of view and a user’s point of view).

Now, the misstep: Windows8 Desktop. It makes no sense to have Windows8 Desktop UI and Windows Tile UI rolled into one product. They really should have been branched off into two separate products. If you’re on a tablet where the Tile UI makes sense, in most cases you don’t have the processing power (or battery power) to run regular Windows8 apps for very long, if at all. So there’s no need for the Windows8 Desktop UI. But — if I’m on a desktop with no touch interface, than having the Windows Tile UI isn’t very useful. They really should have been split into two concretely separate products. However, if they had done that I’m not entirely sure that Windows8 Desktop UI version would have even been necessary; I don’t forsee many people (private or enterprise) moving away from Win7 anytime soon. Windows8 Desktop UI does have it’s own set of kinks that still need to be worked out, too.

I don’t think I’ve ever walked away from anything in my life wanting a Microsoft product. I’ve never said to myself, “I really wish I had it just so I could play around with it”, but I found myself wanting Windows8, or at the very least WindowsRT. I want to play with it, roll it around in my hands and see what I can come up with in the Microsoft Store. It looks fairly intuitive to program for…

Speaking of which… Windows8 is a GREAT stepping stone as far as convergent programming goes for Windows Phone 8. With this iteration Microsoft developers are one step closer to having ONE set of API calls for both Windows Desktop OS and Windows Phone OS. I’m really excited about this! Assuming that Microsoft Phone OS manages to gain a larger footing and holds on in the handheld market, it looks to be only one or two iterations away from a fully unified API set. This is really pretty cool… Code once, distribute across two (or three, if you consider tablets to be an entirely different machine type and not a subset of PCs) different device structures.

I would definitely keep an eye out for the next iteration of Win8 (Windows Blue?) because I think that by then Microsoft will have learned from their mistakes and have a really robust platform with some pretty cool features.

Well, that's life!

Thursday, 28 February 2013 05:40 pm
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P90X is by the wayside for the moment. Hubby ended up in the hospital with chest/heart issues, and life has sort of been turned upside down. Between that, work, and school… I’ve decided to work out only three times a week (instead of six) and just eat healthy. I can make the time commitment once I’m done with this semester of school (because if all goes well, I’ll only need to take one more class to graduate… HUGE pressure off my shoulders!). Doing a little bit is better than doing nothing at all, yes?

In the meantime, I’ve gotten pretty busy! A new, smaller cat tree has been built (which Sash has claimed for his own). I finally built a sewing/craft table (parts from IKEA… I don’t trust my woodworking skills for things that carry a lot of weight.. yet). I ordered the parts to build a new PC. The case is coming tomorrow, and the parts are already here, sitting on the table, taunting me. There’s just a faint whisper of “build meeeeeeee” if you listen close enough. It’s taking all my willpower not to gut my old PC and put the parts in right this instant! (Patience was never my strength, can you tell?)

Boston Code Camp 19 is coming up soon. A few friends and I have rented a hotel room and we’re driving down the night before to hang out in Boston proper and then attend BCC the next day. I’m excited! I really don’t get to go to Boston often enough. I should. I mean, I travel to NYC a few times a year… but I’ll go to Boston maybe once. Maybe it’s because I drive to Boston, but take the train to NYC. It takes about the same time going to either place, so that’s not the issue.

Sash and Locke in the little cat tree

Sash and Locke in the little cat tree

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I did P90X two years ago, and made some real progress. Since then, I started an office job and I’ve gone back to school. Needless to say, I fell off the bandwagon. Here’s to getting back on again. I made some real progress last time — hopefully I’ll make even better progress this time. What’s even better is that the hubbs has decided to join me and he’s doing P90! I’m really happy — both of us are going to get fit together. It’s so much easier when we’re both health-minded… otherwise I end up making two meals for dinner, he goes out to eat all the time while I stay in… It gets discouraging. So hopefully it’ll help. :)

Measurement Last Week This Week Change
Chest (across) N/A 44.5 N/A
Chest (below) N/A 36 N/A
Waist N/A 38 N/A
Hip N/A 42 N/A
Thigh N/A 23.5 N/A
Bicep N/A 11.75 N/A
Weight N/A 166.4 N/A

DIY Cat Tree

Saturday, 16 February 2013 01:08 am
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After being cooped up all last weekend because of the blizzard, and then out of commission for a few days due to a terrible upper respiratory infection, I had the itch to do something with my day off today. So I did. Locke and Sash have a cat tree in the living room, but they’ve been naughty kitties lately and they’ve been jumping up on my countertops (even though they know better). So I made them a cat tree in the hopes that they’ll play in the tree rather than play on my counters.

All in all, it cost about $90 to make. I spent about $80 in tools, and I still had some materials left over. Not too bad, when most cat trees go for over $120.

Assembling upstairs, since it’d never make it up the stairs out of the workshop if I didn’t. Please excuse my messy living room…

Locke, inspecting my handiwork

Locke, inspecting my handiwork

Done! They seem to like it so far...

Done! They seem to like it so far…

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There’s been a lot of hubbub about the incoming blizzard — we live right in the heart of where it’s forecasted to hit hard. We’re looking at 15 to 25 inches of snowfall between Friday morning and Saturday morning. We’ve done the usual: make sure we have plenty of water and blankets, candles, flashlights. I went shopping this morning for foods that don’t require heat to eat (they’re estimating that at least 15% of the state will lose power). I stopped and picked up kitten food.

I have Fridays off from work, so I would have been home anyway. Almost every school in the state has already issued notices that they’re closed tomorrow — so hubby doesn’t have to go into work. It’s good that we’ll both have a day of downtime; both of us have been ill with a cold we just can’t shake going on two weeks now. Hubby went to the physician the other day and came home with meds, but when I tried to make an appointment there wasn’t anything that could fit into my schedule. So another day or two of bed rest (or rather, couch-rest  I think will help. I stocked up on OTC cold medicine, so at the very least I’ll have enough to get me through the weekend. I do work weekends however — I’m hoping that at they very least the colleges will decide to stay closed on Saturday. Since we live up in the hills, it would be very hard for me to get down to the college where I work Saturday morning if it’s still supposed to be snowing.

If I happen to have any energy at all, hopefully I’ll be able to work on a new quilt. I don’t have anything specific in mind, and I don’t have any new fabrics, but maybe I can make something out of the scraps that I have. We need a spring-themed quilt for the living room … Christmas is a month and a half past and still we have the Christmas Quilt out on the sofa. It’s about time to be packed away, but I don’t have anything to replace it with.

So, while I was out shopping I picked up a bubbling water fountain for the kittens. One of them, Sash, loves to play in water. So much so, that when anyone flushes the toilet he’ll dart into the bathroom to jump in the water and play. In the middle of the night, you’ll hear splashing sounds and the the sop-sop-sop of little kitten feet walking across the bathroom tile. Now, I don’t exactly think that toilet water is the most sanitary thing to be schlepped across the floor, so I’m hoping he’ll entertain himself with the fountain. And so far, I haven’t been disappointed! I’m thrilled that he loves to play in it.


Friday, 8 February 2013 09:04 pm
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It’s never too early in the year to start planning a garden, right? In a week or so, I should be able to start sowing seeds indoors! I’m excited. Last year, tomatoes not withstanding, my garden failed pretty horribly. I don’t think the area where my garden is got enough sun — there was a large Forsythia blocking the morning sun (I say was because hubby and I knocked it down later in the summer), and large overhead trees blocked out the afternoon/evening sun. This year, we need to do one of two things: Get a tree guy to come out and knock out some of the trees (or at least some branches on some trees), or I need to move my garden. Where to move it to, I’m not exactly sure. I don’t want a garden in my front yard, but that’s the only place I’m guaranteed full afternoon sun. My backyard is super-shady.

My Yard!

My Yard!

See what I mean? That’s the beast of a Forsythia that was out front; that white line is where my neighbour’s yard begins. My raised garden beds are right behind the Forsythia, just to the right of the white line. So, not a lot of sun…

Having someone come out and take a look at our trees is a while off yet. In the meantime, I can set up my growing station in the basement and get started on those seeds! I grew up having a backyard garden and it’s something I’d really like to continue. This year, I’m planning:

Tomatoes: Orange Paruche, Brandywine

Peppers: Sweet Rainbow

Cucumbers: Diva

Squash: 8-ball, Zucchini

Leek: Lincoln

Watermelon: Not decided yet. Something small


Mixed Lettuce/Salad Lettuce


Basil. Lots and lots of Basil (purple, sweet)


Flat-leaf Parsley




I’m scaling back on what I plant, based on last year. I had a LOT of stuff in those beds… so hopefully this year will go a little better. The Forsithya is a shadow of what it used to be – which is sort of a shame, as I really liked the way that it looked. It just got a little too wild. We also had our driveway paved/tarred last year, and that was another reason we had to cut it back. But.. I’m looking forward! It needs some trimming, but we can make it a nice shape and hopefully keep it from hurting the garden.

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So, it's been nine months since I last posted. In that time span I've bought a house, painted and upgraded said house, taken two semesters of classes and started a third, started a multitouch table project, built a treadmill desk, taken a vacation to Dallas, gone to a conference, and gained 25 pounds.

Why did I gain 25 pounds, you ask?

Because I stopped working out.

Because I though that I was too busy.

That changes Monday. I've penciled in time to work out, so I have no excuse. I might be away from home 14 hours a day, but that doesn't mean that I should use that as an excuse to not work out. I'll work out in the morning, before I go to work. Will I hate waking up early? Of course! But you know what I hate more? Going to buy new jeans and having to buy one size up because I've gained so much weight. I hate looking at photos of me, on vacation last December, and wishing that I looked that good. So, I'm going to start a round of P90X on Monday. And like last time, I'll keep metrics and I'll post here. Because, really, what motivates me more than numbers do? ;)

Hopefully I can get back in the habit of posting some updates here. I tend to do quick little updates on facebook, but I've worked on a ton of projects that really deserve their own spotlight. Maybe I can pencil in some time every week to make sure that I get an update done, post some photos, etc. Maybe. Hopefully.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, 1 January 2012 12:05 am
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Ahoy there! So, I'm finally finished at NVCC. I won't graduate "officially" until sometime mid-January, but I finally have my associates in CIST. I've been accepted to CCSU in their Honours CS program. I have a semi-permenant part-time position at NVCC for awhile.

And and and. I just got back from a vacation in the Caribbean! A close friend and I decided to take a last minute trip to St. John. We jumped on a red-eye flight Christmas Day night and we were stepping on the island 9 AM Monday morning. We spent four wonderfully relaxing days lazing on the beach, swimming and snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, dancing, drinking, going out for a sunset sail, reading... It was an absolutely amazing time. I really do find that I feel more energized and enthusiastic now that I'm back.

I have a few updates coming soon with some quilts... but in the meantime, I'll leave you with a view of paradise:

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So that necklace board I was talking about? I finished! The glue will take another 24 hours or so to fully cure, but at this point I have a functional, hanging, necklace board. This is so much nicer than having my necklaces hang off the corner of my mirror. Besides getting tangled it just looked janky. SO. Photos, ho! (Also, directions for making your own!)Read more... )

A collective

Friday, 2 September 2011 07:45 pm
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I know, I know, shame on me! I haven't updated in a while... so let me give you a quick rundown:

  • I started my work-study/part-time job last Friday. It's.... interesting. I was hired as an assistant programmer.... until we found out that the head programmer decided to quit. He was on medical leave for about a month, and turned in his resignation this past Monday. So this means that there is no head programmer; some of the people in my department are assuming that I'm his replacement. This couldn't be further from the truth! I was hoping that I could at least sit down with him and go over some of the more important aspects of our systems and the projects that he was working on, but apparently I'm going to be flying blind... and on that note... I may not even be able to get ACCESS to many of the systems because I'm technically work-study and not an actual educational assistant... and I can't be an educational assistant until I get my degree (which is at the end of this semester, but still!). So... we shall see how this plays out. In the meantime, I've been learning more about networking than I ever thought imaginable (I am not a networking girl by any means)

  • I am utterly horrified by the lack of documentation at my job. There is no documentation for ANYTHING. Like I said with our head programmer... there's no notes about what he was working on, how things work, basic procedures... the same can be said for ANY other aspect of our systems! Our network admin is SMART... he's been at the school since the early ninties and essentially BUILT our entire network (as in: designed, laid cable/fiber, upgraded, etc) but... there's no documentation ANYWHERE. If anything were to happen to him, we'd be hosed. So badly. I'm going to have to see what I can do about getting a documentation initiative going...

  • School started this past Monday. It's been busy! Unfortunately, three of my five classes are 4-hour evening classes, and one of them is on Trivia Night (so from now until December I'm going to miss out on trivia!). This has hit me kinda hard, since Trivia Night is the highlight of my week. It's also my main source of relaxation, so I'm going to have to try to find a surrogate until December... maybe this will mean more quilts being made? Hrm.... I'm taking 15 credit hours in the following:
    • Database Programming in VB.NET (includes SQL & ADO.NET)
    • Mobile Programming/Android Development (Java)
    • Java (taking only for credit/as a refresher)
    • C#
    • Systems Analysis and design

  • I'm waiting to hear from Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Beta Gamma about my honours. I'd really like to join, please. I think my 3.89 GPA speaks for itself and is plenty above your entry barrier...

  • Between school and work, I'm pulling 12 hour days at least three days a week. This will be horrible come midterms/finals.

  • I am almost finished with my fall quilt; I picked up batting and backing this morning, and I picked up some more brown fabric so I can rip out the part of the leaf pattern I don't like. Tonight, I expect to rip it and re-stitch, and at the very least get the backing, batting, and top pinned together.

  • I need to start planning this year's Winter Quilt.

  • I need to finish this year's Winter Quilt before December.

  • The last few weeks of P90X are on hold! With pulling 12 hour days, I don't know if I have it in me to get up earlier and work out. I'm very sad... I'm gong to try to fit in at least yoga and some weight lifting on the weekends until I can better determine how much working out I can do without burning myself out. I am REALLY, REALLY disappointed, as I was only three weeks away from being a P90X grad! I really hope that I'll be able to integrate working out into my schedule somehow...

  • With the job and school, I can already feel the pressure... I've eaten out at Subway and Wendy's already this week... I need to get on top of my diet and make healthier food and STICK TO IT. I've been doing pretty good during the day, but around 5 PM I start to get cranky and lose it and run and grab unhealthy things to eat. I need to experiment with bringing more food and/or different foods to keep me sated.

  • The hurricane! We made it through just fine. We lost power for 2 days, had a little flooding in the basement. A tree limb fell in the garden and took out part of the new fence and some plants, but overall we made out okay. We kept entertained by playing scrabble and shut the box by candlelight. I actually enjoyed the experience of not having electricity and being electronically disconnected. You could see the stars at night, and you were forced to interact with those you lived with. We went and hung out with a friend and played Munchkin and watched a little bit of TV (she had power when we didn't). We had a minor scare with our fishtank, as their temperature dropped sharply the first few hours of the outage, but we brought the temp back up with warm water and bundled them under some blankets and they made it out just fine. Mr. Gecko didn't have any issues, and neither did our Betta fishie.

  • Chris got a job! We are so excited! Because of the hurricane, he didn't get to start until Thursday, but it's been exciting getting his room together and getting supplies for his classroom. がんばって, baby!

  • My newest project: Making a jewelery board! I need some place to hang my growing collection of necklaces that is NOT the corner of my mirror. I picked up a piece of moulding from Home Depot and I am in the process of staining it. When it's done, I'm going to add some glass tile and some brass hooks and it'll be pretty damn functional! It'll only have cost $30 total, and I'll have some supplies left over... I can either make another one, or re-purpose the supplies for other projects. (Photo after the jump)

Alright... I think that takes care of everything! Expect updates to be sort of sparse... I don't know how much I'm going to be able to keep up considering work and school. I will do my best to at least update with projects, at least. Until then, my lovelies! Read more... )

Fall 2011 Quilt

Wednesday, 24 August 2011 05:45 pm
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I've been trying to get this quilt top fnished for months. I think in the end, I'm not very happy with it. The orange colour is not as rich as I'd like, and I 've pulled this quilt top apart at least three times. This looks NOTHING like what I had originally planned. I'm sure it'll grow on me after I 've quilted and finished it, but... I dunno. I might just decide to put it up on etsy or something. I just don't feel as happy with it as I would like to. Photos after the jump. Read more... )

P90X Week 11

Wednesday, 24 August 2011 08:42 am
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So, another week where I'm posting my stats late. Life has sure gotten busy! The hubbs has picked up a full-time position teaching middle school history, so this week has been crazy in trying to get his orientation done, getting his stuff for his room put together, etc. I've also had some adventure myself, trying to get one of those discounted HP Touchpads (I ended up getting one yesterday, after spending half the day driving around my state! I'm still trying to get my hands on one for a friend, though... I really hope it happens). I also took a day trip to NYC on Saturday...

So needless to say, my eating habits went out the window. Saturday was essentially beer and fries. Hello, carb-city! Sunday was leftovers. Monday was the day we found out that hubbs got his job so we went out to dinner at a nice Italian place. That was also the day that a friend brought over donuts... Hello, carb-city! And yesterday was spent running around, so I had Monday's leftovers for breakfast, a friend and I ate out at Sonic, and we had pasta for dinner since a family member had leftovers they needed to get rid of. It's no wonder that as of this morning my weight is up to 150! Today can be a good food day, but tomorrow is the dreaded Pizza Castle... and then I have no idea what the weekend is going to look like. So I'm pretty much just writing this week off, at this point. I know that when I go back to school my diet is going to be so much healthier.

I've been okay keeping up with working out... Monday I skipped ARX because I was pressed for time, and Tuesday I didn't do Plyo at all, but that's really my only shortcoming. I'm hoping that this isn't going to shoot me in the foot too much...

I also need to start thinking about what I'm going to do when I'm done with P90X! I mean, I'm only 2.5 weeks away, at this point. One regular week and one recovery week and then I'm done. I don't know if I want to do another round (I wouldn't be averse) or if I want to pick up something like Insanity. I feel really good that I've not given up, and my results are pretty good too -- but I still have this gut that needs to be taken care of... admittedly, it's a lot better than when I started, but I still have a long way to go.

Week 11 , Day 1 Measurements
Measurement This Week Last Week Change This Week Beginning Change
Weight 148.6 146.2 2.4 148.6 156.8 -8.2
Body Fat % 35.9 36.2 -0.3 35.9 39 -3.1
Underbust 35 35 0 35 36 -1.0
Waist 35 35 0 35 40 -5.0
Hips 38.25 38.5 -0.25
38.25 39 -0.75
Thighs 21 20.75 0.25 21 22.25 -1.25
Biceps 10.75 10.75 0 10.75 11.5 -0.75

P90X Week 10

Wednesday, 17 August 2011 09:27 am
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So, not much change this past week. My weight has been all over the place. Admittedly, I've been ridiculously busy. I had an advising session, an interview, went to the local PYO orchard, started canning everything we hauled back (and oh, what a haul it was!), had trivia night, a night with a friend, set up a potential schedule for my work-study program, finished one book and read the entirety of another.. So it was busy. I probably didn't bring it as much as I should have, and I while I didn't totally blow my diet I didn't do the best I could, either. I also feel like I'm losing momentum with the program as I come to the end.. I only have three weeks left, plus a recovery week.

Part of the upside of going back to school is that I have night classes three days a week. That means three dinners of MY choosing... plus, while I am going to very much miss trivia night, I definitely WON'T miss eating out at Pizza Castle every Thursday. Their food is really gross. And since my work-study is going to be roughly 20 hours a week, my M-Th is going to be packed. As in, 9 AM - 9 PM I'm at the school... I have no idea how I'm going to fit in working out AND getting enough sleep, on top of homework (I'm the crazy person that keeps taking 4 programming languages a semester... Yeah, that makes for FUN finals...). I guess we'll see what happens, but I entirely expect to fall off the wagon.

Week 10 , Day 1 Measurements

Measurement This Week Last Week Change This Week Beginning Change
Weight 146.2 146.8 -0.6 146.2 156.8 -10.6
Body Fat % 36.2 36 0.2 36.2 39 -2.8
Underbust 35 35 0 35 36 -1.0
Waist 35 35 0 35 40 -5.0
Hips 38.5 38.5 0
38.5 39 -0.5
Thighs 20.75 20.5 0.25 20.75 22.25 -1.5
Biceps 10.75 10.75 0 10.75 11.5 -0.75

P90X Week 9

Monday, 8 August 2011 08:25 am
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So, after skipping working out on Friday because I had no energy, and only doing half of Yoga on Saturday, I had a cheat day for the first time in four weeks on Saturday. AND IT WAS LOVELY. Pizza & Beer, oh my! (Yeah, remember that DQ ice cream cake two weeks ago? I was awesome and WORKED IT INTO my diet. So those don't count!) Unfortunately, I had FINALLY made it into ketosis (where your body burns fat for energy due to a lack of glucose(carbs)) and eating all that pizza kicked me out. Being in ketosis explains why I was really tired and wanting to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon, though. Now I'll be more prepared for next time.

On the up side, MY HIP MEASUREMENT FINALLY MOVED! OMG *squee!* I'm so happy. It's about damn time! It's tiny, but it's a start. HOPEFULLY IT KEEPS MOVING. Do you hear that, hips? You did well, but you're not off the hook yet! :) And I've lost 10 pounds since starting. Overall, not too shabby for recovery week.

Week 9, Day 1 Measurements

Measurement This Week Last Week Change This Week Beginning Change
Weight 146.8 148.8 -2.0 146.8 156.8 -10.0
Body Fat % 36 36.5 -0.5 36 39 -3.0
Underbust 35 35 0 35 36 -1.0
Waist 35 35 0 35 40 -5.0
Hips 38.5 39 -0.5
38.5 39 -0.5
Thighs 20.5 20.5 -0. 20.5 22.25 -1.75
Biceps 10.75 10.5 -0.5 10.75 11.5 -0.75

P90X Week 8

Monday, 1 August 2011 09:04 am
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RECOVERY WEEK! WOO! Yoga, Kenpo, Stretch X, and Core Synergistics are all on the menu for this week. I hope I do better at Core Syn this time around than last time... Week 4 was pretty brutal.

Since Chris' parents were out of town and no one came over for dinner, I didn't have any cheat days this past week. I think it really shows. I also didn't feel like I NEEDED a cheat day. The past few days I've been having a serving of pasta, but I still stay around 100g of carbs a day. I don't feel the compulsion to OMG MUST EAT CARBS RAWR anymore. I don't think I have for awhile... unless it comes down to bread. And I mean really good bread. Italian bread or homemade bread, I just can't win. I have to have a piece. Maybe two. And sometimes three, even though I KNOW that a) I don't need it, and b) it's really not that good for me. But... we can't win all the battles in our life and we have to chose which ones to lose. This one? I'm perfectly okay with losing, as long as it doesn't turn into a binge.

I still haven't seen a change in my hip measurement, which at this point is pretty disheartening. I can feel that my clothes hang differently... Clothes that one never needed a belt now do, and those that were too tight fit much better. In comparison to when I started, my waist is much more defined. But I still have this layer of fat between my stomach and  my hips that is refusing to leave. I'm short and stocky -- my waist is literally 5 inches from my underbust... and my hips are about 4.5 inches from my waist. So you don't really get any sense of my body being more defined than it was before... my boobs end at my waist (Yay DD/DDD), so it still just looks like one amorphous blob. I really need the fat at my hips to get a move on and go away.

A little over halfway done, and I've lost 8 pounds, 2.5% body fat, and 8.75 inches total... I hope the second half gives just as great results.

Week 8, Day 1 Measurements

Measurement This Week Last Week Change This Week Beginning Change
Weight 148.8 150.8 -2.0 148.8 156.8 -8.0
Body Fat % 36.5 36.3 0.2 36.5 39 -2.5
Underbust 35 35.25 -0.25 35 36 -1.0
Waist 35 36 -1 35 40 -5.0
Hips 39 39 0 39 39 0
Thighs 20.5 21 -0.5 20.5 22.25 -1.75
Biceps 10.5 11 -0.5 10.5 11.5 -1.0

P90X Week 7

Monday, 25 July 2011 10:20 am
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Almost halfway done. No motivation to really write. Yesterday was a bad day, and twice this week I've had DQ Ice Cream Cake under the pretense of my in-laws saying "please, dear god, don't let there be any left when we get home". So... yeah.

Week 7, Day 1 Measurements:

Measurement This Week Last Week Change This Week Beginning Change
Weight 150.8 150.4 0.4 150.8 156.8 -6.0
Body Fat % 36.3 36.6 -0.3 36.3 39 -2.4
Underbust 35.25 35.25 0 35.25 36 -0.75
Waist 36 36.5 -1.5 36 40 -4
Hips 39 39 0 39 39 0
Thighs 21 21 0 21 22.25 -1.25
Biceps 11 10.75 0.25 11 11.5 -0.5

Miki's Quilt

Wednesday, 20 July 2011 06:22 pm
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My mother requested that I make an Asian-themed quilt for her, queen-sized. I've never done a quilt this large before, so I'm going to do something very simple. I started off making some really easy quilt blocks with a stash of Asian fabrics I bought off of eBay, but not many of them go together very well. I have about 3 yards of an Asian fabric in my stash that I bought about a year ago and decided to incorporate that into my design. It's a very pretty pattern, so I used it as the centerpiece and surrounded it with the quilt blocks. I'm going to surround what I have so far with a black border, and then use the remaining stash-fabric to make a wider border around that. I'm hoping that'll give me the width and the length that I need to make it queen-sized. I might go searching for another fabric and use what I have along the long sides and use a different fabric along the short sides.. I haven't decided yet. This is definitely an easier quilt-top, but I didn't want to commit to something more than I could handle (I didn't really want to do a queen sized quilt; I would have rather done something much more intricate and make it throw-sized, but she wants something for her bed). The only other thing I have to decide is how I want to quilt the top... I don't know if I want to go with something geometric (because of the lines in the blocks) or if I want to go with something more organic... Once the top is finished I'll probably just sit on it awhile until I come up with something... Pics after the jump. Read more... )