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So, I've decided to try crocheting hairpin lace... and make it into a spring/summer throw! It's so cold out right now, that I figure making a throw for the warmer months would do to brighten spirits! So amongst all my OTHER projects I have going on right now (2 hats, 1 quilt in the piecing stage, 1 quilt in the planning stage, the katamari damacy breadcover, kanzashi, and a beaded bracelet), I think this one and the quilt are going to be top priority. It's my first time with hairpin lace, so... we'll see how it goes. I'm using a sky blue & white rainbow boucle. Hopefully that'll mean that it'll be nice and light!

Pic after the jump
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So, I switched gears a little bit from my usual hodge-podge of crafts (namely, quilting. And I'm still trying to work the kinks out of those stupid fabric flowers... but I'm getting there. Using ribbon instead of fabric seems to help) and crocheted a hat. And now the hubby wants one. And a friend's boyfriend wants one. So it looks like I'll be making hats for the forseeable future. Oh, well. It'll be something to keep my hands busy as the hubbs and I finish watching the Star Trek movies... :) I ended up using a yarn that I'd been saving for awhile. I picked it up sometime last year (I honestly can't remember when) and I wanted to save it for something special. I think it came out looking pretty nice. I snagged the pattern from a friend, who found it here

Pics behind the jump. Please ignore my terribad camera skills!
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