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Friday, 2 September 2011 07:45 pm
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I know, I know, shame on me! I haven't updated in a while... so let me give you a quick rundown:

  • I started my work-study/part-time job last Friday. It's.... interesting. I was hired as an assistant programmer.... until we found out that the head programmer decided to quit. He was on medical leave for about a month, and turned in his resignation this past Monday. So this means that there is no head programmer; some of the people in my department are assuming that I'm his replacement. This couldn't be further from the truth! I was hoping that I could at least sit down with him and go over some of the more important aspects of our systems and the projects that he was working on, but apparently I'm going to be flying blind... and on that note... I may not even be able to get ACCESS to many of the systems because I'm technically work-study and not an actual educational assistant... and I can't be an educational assistant until I get my degree (which is at the end of this semester, but still!). So... we shall see how this plays out. In the meantime, I've been learning more about networking than I ever thought imaginable (I am not a networking girl by any means)

  • I am utterly horrified by the lack of documentation at my job. There is no documentation for ANYTHING. Like I said with our head programmer... there's no notes about what he was working on, how things work, basic procedures... the same can be said for ANY other aspect of our systems! Our network admin is SMART... he's been at the school since the early ninties and essentially BUILT our entire network (as in: designed, laid cable/fiber, upgraded, etc) but... there's no documentation ANYWHERE. If anything were to happen to him, we'd be hosed. So badly. I'm going to have to see what I can do about getting a documentation initiative going...

  • School started this past Monday. It's been busy! Unfortunately, three of my five classes are 4-hour evening classes, and one of them is on Trivia Night (so from now until December I'm going to miss out on trivia!). This has hit me kinda hard, since Trivia Night is the highlight of my week. It's also my main source of relaxation, so I'm going to have to try to find a surrogate until December... maybe this will mean more quilts being made? Hrm.... I'm taking 15 credit hours in the following:
    • Database Programming in VB.NET (includes SQL & ADO.NET)
    • Mobile Programming/Android Development (Java)
    • Java (taking only for credit/as a refresher)
    • C#
    • Systems Analysis and design

  • I'm waiting to hear from Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Beta Gamma about my honours. I'd really like to join, please. I think my 3.89 GPA speaks for itself and is plenty above your entry barrier...

  • Between school and work, I'm pulling 12 hour days at least three days a week. This will be horrible come midterms/finals.

  • I am almost finished with my fall quilt; I picked up batting and backing this morning, and I picked up some more brown fabric so I can rip out the part of the leaf pattern I don't like. Tonight, I expect to rip it and re-stitch, and at the very least get the backing, batting, and top pinned together.

  • I need to start planning this year's Winter Quilt.

  • I need to finish this year's Winter Quilt before December.

  • The last few weeks of P90X are on hold! With pulling 12 hour days, I don't know if I have it in me to get up earlier and work out. I'm very sad... I'm gong to try to fit in at least yoga and some weight lifting on the weekends until I can better determine how much working out I can do without burning myself out. I am REALLY, REALLY disappointed, as I was only three weeks away from being a P90X grad! I really hope that I'll be able to integrate working out into my schedule somehow...

  • With the job and school, I can already feel the pressure... I've eaten out at Subway and Wendy's already this week... I need to get on top of my diet and make healthier food and STICK TO IT. I've been doing pretty good during the day, but around 5 PM I start to get cranky and lose it and run and grab unhealthy things to eat. I need to experiment with bringing more food and/or different foods to keep me sated.

  • The hurricane! We made it through just fine. We lost power for 2 days, had a little flooding in the basement. A tree limb fell in the garden and took out part of the new fence and some plants, but overall we made out okay. We kept entertained by playing scrabble and shut the box by candlelight. I actually enjoyed the experience of not having electricity and being electronically disconnected. You could see the stars at night, and you were forced to interact with those you lived with. We went and hung out with a friend and played Munchkin and watched a little bit of TV (she had power when we didn't). We had a minor scare with our fishtank, as their temperature dropped sharply the first few hours of the outage, but we brought the temp back up with warm water and bundled them under some blankets and they made it out just fine. Mr. Gecko didn't have any issues, and neither did our Betta fishie.

  • Chris got a job! We are so excited! Because of the hurricane, he didn't get to start until Thursday, but it's been exciting getting his room together and getting supplies for his classroom. がんばって, baby!

  • My newest project: Making a jewelery board! I need some place to hang my growing collection of necklaces that is NOT the corner of my mirror. I picked up a piece of moulding from Home Depot and I am in the process of staining it. When it's done, I'm going to add some glass tile and some brass hooks and it'll be pretty damn functional! It'll only have cost $30 total, and I'll have some supplies left over... I can either make another one, or re-purpose the supplies for other projects. (Photo after the jump)

Alright... I think that takes care of everything! Expect updates to be sort of sparse... I don't know how much I'm going to be able to keep up considering work and school. I will do my best to at least update with projects, at least. Until then, my lovelies! Read more... )

Fall 2011 Quilt

Wednesday, 24 August 2011 05:45 pm
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I've been trying to get this quilt top fnished for months. I think in the end, I'm not very happy with it. The orange colour is not as rich as I'd like, and I 've pulled this quilt top apart at least three times. This looks NOTHING like what I had originally planned. I'm sure it'll grow on me after I 've quilted and finished it, but... I dunno. I might just decide to put it up on etsy or something. I just don't feel as happy with it as I would like to. Photos after the jump. Read more... )

Miki's Quilt

Wednesday, 20 July 2011 06:22 pm
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My mother requested that I make an Asian-themed quilt for her, queen-sized. I've never done a quilt this large before, so I'm going to do something very simple. I started off making some really easy quilt blocks with a stash of Asian fabrics I bought off of eBay, but not many of them go together very well. I have about 3 yards of an Asian fabric in my stash that I bought about a year ago and decided to incorporate that into my design. It's a very pretty pattern, so I used it as the centerpiece and surrounded it with the quilt blocks. I'm going to surround what I have so far with a black border, and then use the remaining stash-fabric to make a wider border around that. I'm hoping that'll give me the width and the length that I need to make it queen-sized. I might go searching for another fabric and use what I have along the long sides and use a different fabric along the short sides.. I haven't decided yet. This is definitely an easier quilt-top, but I didn't want to commit to something more than I could handle (I didn't really want to do a queen sized quilt; I would have rather done something much more intricate and make it throw-sized, but she wants something for her bed). The only other thing I have to decide is how I want to quilt the top... I don't know if I want to go with something geometric (because of the lines in the blocks) or if I want to go with something more organic... Once the top is finished I'll probably just sit on it awhile until I come up with something... Pics after the jump. Read more... )
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And it's done! I'm so excited to be sending this off to Christina and her hubby. I ended up not putting her son's name on it, for two reasons: 1: I had already fallen behind, and 2: the kid is going to know it's his anyway. So today I get to wrap it up and send it out! Pics behind the jump. :) Read more... )

Christina's Quilt II

Thursday, 14 July 2011 11:44 pm
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By the weekend, I should be able to start quilting Christina's baby quilt! I'm so excited! I still need to put the feet on the owl, put on his eyes, and put the baby's name on the back of the quilt, but that should take me no time at all... I can't wait to be able to wrap this up and send it out to her! And I can't wait for her little peanut to show up. :) Hit the jump to see a current photo! Read more... )
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So, since I apparently love to make my life complicated, I'm working on two crochet throws, a baby quilt, and a spring quilt. Add in school, finals, final projects... I'm amazed I have time to work on anything! The good news is I'm finished with all my final projects, and my last final is Monday. Tuesday I have to present a project... and them I'm home free! I'm going to have so much free time I'm not going to know what to do with myself.

Some OTHER good news is that I'm already putting that free time to good use! I finished my spring quilt! It's the size of a baby blanket, as I've found it's the PERFECT size for a throw. It also seems to fit a twin-sized bed pretty well. It's great for those spring nights where it's still a little bit nippy outside -- I'm glad I finished this while there were still nights to use it!

This is the first quilt where I hand-stitched the binding. I never like the way that machine-bound binding looked when trying to get both sides bound in the same run. So, I machine-stitched the back side, and then flipped it over the edge of he quilt and ladder-stitched the front. It took me about four hours, but I think it makes for a much nicer look overall. It's probably something I'll continue to do on future quilts. Also: I want to give mad props to the hubby and his mom for suggesting that I quilt in the diagonal on the coloured squares. It really made the design pop!

So, without further ado... some pictures! :)

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Christina's Quilt I

Friday, 15 April 2011 10:32 pm
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So, my close friend Christina is going to have a baby in October! Unfortunately, she and her hubby live all the way on the other side of the country (quite literally -- I think there's fewer places farther apart than Connecticut and Washington State), and I'm not going to be able to be there. I'm super crushed (you have no idea). So I'm making a quilt for her little peanut! She didn't want a boy/girl-themed quilt, but instead asked for owls. Now, I'm not one for arty quilts. In fact, I really have no idea what I'm doing! So I'm not going fancy -- pretty much it's entirely applique! And then I'll quilt some pretty designs on it in the end. (And don't worry - she's totally cool with me posting the quilt with y'all. I asked. :) )

So, some photos! The colors aren't exactly right, as I took the photos as night with a bright light focused on them, so they're a little washed out. Otherwise, this is pretty much how it looks:
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Winter Quilt [Finished]

Wednesday, 16 March 2011 03:14 am
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So, I initially was going to only make the bias tape and pin it, and save the stitching for tomorrow. Well, that plan went out the window as I got into a groove and I just plowed through it. For the record: I absolutely hate bias tape. It is probably the only part I hate about quilting -- stitching it to the quilt. Maybe there's some trick, but I ALWAYS seem to 'un-catch' part of it on the back every so often, so then I have to go back, rip out stitches, and stitch again. On this one, I didn't bother to rip out the stitches - the fabric is dark enough that I figure if you go looking THAT close at it, you deserve to find my mistakes... lol.

This quilt would have been a LOT easier if I could have used my darning foot... unfortunately, no matter what I did, I couldn't get the tension right with the thread that I was using. The thread is a metallic silver on the top and black in the bobbin, and the silver gave me nothing but trouble (any tips?). So the ENTIRE QUILT is stitched using a walking foot. It sucked, but it was still easier than stitching it with a regular foot. Even with that, the tension isn't QUITE right in some places. When you look at the back, you can see silver thread poking though in some places. It doesn't bother me a whole lot, but now I know for the future: Metallic threads suck.

So now, without further ado, some photos (behind the cut):
(Please ignore how messy my apartment is. I'm in the middle of moving, so stuff is everywhere right now; also, the colour is correct in the second photo. The first one was taken with a flash, and the colours aren't accurate)

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011 10:04 pm
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So, we're in the middle of a move - packing up our modest apartment and moving back in with the hubby's family because the economy is just trash. The subbing that the Hubby does won't be able to keep us in the apartment and pay the bills, and my unemployment benefits are coming to an end. I'm still looking for a job, but I have no degree and I've been hearing "Well, we like your qualifications, but we think you've been out of a job for too long". So... I'll just keep going to school, and Hubby will keep subbing, and we'll move in with his parents until things improve. I hate to be moving back in with them - we have a *fantastic* apartment... Picture window in the living room, skylight in the kitchen, and it's within walking distance to many places... Target, our grocery store, Dunkin' Donuts, the place where we do Thursday Night Trivia... It's slightly smaller than we'd like and there's no storage space but you make do. In any case, I'm really sad to have to lose this place. On the upside, Hubby's parents are wonderful people - we get along fantastically. I'm just sad that we have to put them in this kind of position.

So, we're slowly packing things up. I got a smart idea and decided to keep a record of what goes into each box, so that if we need to get into them while we're living at his parents' place for whatever reason, we don't have to go digging on a treasure hunt. It'll also help us when things get better and we move into a new place and unpack. Right now it's in an excel spreadsheet, but when I get the downtime I'm going to make an application that saves everything in a database.

In pet-related news, we lost three fish recently. Mr. Angelfish and two of our Diamond Tetras got taken down by something that we haven't quite figured out yet. Everyone else is doing pretty fine. Mr. Gecko has his first vet visit the other day - his last shed didn't go so well, and it affected his eyes and his nose so I took him to be seen. So now he has some eye drops and a cream for his nose, and he should be back to his playful self in about a week, we hope. He's still eating like a champ, so he can't be feeling THAT bad.

On the fitness front - things are going alright. This week is spring break, and between packing and schoolwork I'm letting the gym slide. But, I'm able to run 25 minutes straight pretty consistently now. Now I've got to work up to 30 minutes, and then work on distance. I'm doing 11 minute miles, as of now. Slow and steady. My weight hasn't really changed, but I attribute that to the fact that we're trying to eat as much food out of the freezer and pantry so that there's less to move and less to have go bad.

In other news, I'm almost done quilting my winter windowpane lap quilt (I'll make a post on it later). I want to finish it up so that it's one less wip to move. I might be able to finish it up and then start working on the bias tape tonight. Once this project is over and before we move I need to take my machine in to get serviced. It's a Brother Pacesetter 6000, and it's never been serviced, ever. There's never really been any need. It's got its quirks, and some of them can be fixed with a little TLC, though, and if it makes it easier for me to work with then I'm all for it. None of the problems on its own is a big deal, but when they add up it just makes for a huge annoyance. So, to the shop it is!
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Happy New Year, everyone! I am happy to say that even with New Year's cleaning, and making pies, and having a small New Year's bash (which was badass, might I add), I managed to finish Cora's Quilt. The binding didn't come out as nice as I had hoped -- usually I hand-stitch the binding but I had to machine-bind it this time because I was worried I'd run out of time and it wouldn't be finished by this afternoon. But, it is finished, and I'm as happy with it as I can be. :)

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Cora's Quilt III

Friday, 31 December 2010 03:44 am
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So close to done! I'm excited -- I might get this thing ready in time yet! So, thanks to fusible batting, I didn't have to do any of the tacking that I usually do to keep everything together while stitching. So now, the edges are seamed together, and a majority of the inner stitching is done. I have 6 blocks yet to stitch the detailing on, but other than the binding that's the last bit I have to do. So, without further ado...

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And now... for bed.

Cora's Quilt II

Thursday, 30 December 2010 12:13 am
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I have 2 days to finish this quilt. Bad, bad idea.

I managed to get all the strips cut, and pieced, and stitched, and pressed, and then stitched into larger squares... all that's left now is to cut the black fabric that'll go in between the squares, stitch it all together, stitch the front to the back, make the binding, and stitch the binding on. In two days. While also taking care of baking and New Year's cleaning.

I must be crazy.

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Cora's Quilt I

Tuesday, 28 December 2010 11:51 pm
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So, my fiance's brother's wife (a.k.a. my future sister-in-law) just had a baby about two weeks ago. For her first Christmas, I'm making her a quilt! (Yes, I know - Christmas has already passed! As a family, we're exchanging gifts on New Year's Day instead, so I have 3 days left to put this thing together!)

It's a simple nine-patch quilt made of bold, bright mottled cotton squares, and a fun animal-print on the reverse.

Here's the progress from the past two days:

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Tonight: finishing the cutting of the triple strips, and piecing as many of them together into squares as I can. Looks like it's about time to totter off to the coffee pot... :)