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I can finally share this project with you all! Some of you may recall a post where I started the quilt top for the Blue & Yellow Bargello quilt. After that initial post, I decided to go radio-silent, lest my giftee figured out it was for her — I don’t like to spoil surprises!

So, my mother in law remodeled her kitchen this past year. Nice new granite countertops with yellow and blue flecks; down came the old green wallpaper and up went yellow paint, with blue accents. Her living room (right off the kitchen), has been slate grey-blue with a yellow sofa and blue accent pieces. She really loves yellow and blue, and it looks so classy. When she decided to repaint her kitchen this year, I figured it was the perfect time to make a quilt for her. It’s a twin-size with light batting in between, so it won’t be too bulky for her living room sofa.

Full shot of the front. Full shot of the front.

DSC_0609 Detail of the squares

DSC_0608 Detail of the squares. The color is closer to real life in this photo. 

DSC_0615 The back has only this detailing across the top. I wanted to keep it simple since the front is so busy.

DSC_0612 The patch on the back panel. Leftover scraps were pieced together and then appliqued onto the backing before the entire thing was quilted.

DSC_0616 Back & front


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