Tuesday, 15 March 2011 10:04 pm
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So, we're in the middle of a move - packing up our modest apartment and moving back in with the hubby's family because the economy is just trash. The subbing that the Hubby does won't be able to keep us in the apartment and pay the bills, and my unemployment benefits are coming to an end. I'm still looking for a job, but I have no degree and I've been hearing "Well, we like your qualifications, but we think you've been out of a job for too long". So... I'll just keep going to school, and Hubby will keep subbing, and we'll move in with his parents until things improve. I hate to be moving back in with them - we have a *fantastic* apartment... Picture window in the living room, skylight in the kitchen, and it's within walking distance to many places... Target, our grocery store, Dunkin' Donuts, the place where we do Thursday Night Trivia... It's slightly smaller than we'd like and there's no storage space but you make do. In any case, I'm really sad to have to lose this place. On the upside, Hubby's parents are wonderful people - we get along fantastically. I'm just sad that we have to put them in this kind of position.

So, we're slowly packing things up. I got a smart idea and decided to keep a record of what goes into each box, so that if we need to get into them while we're living at his parents' place for whatever reason, we don't have to go digging on a treasure hunt. It'll also help us when things get better and we move into a new place and unpack. Right now it's in an excel spreadsheet, but when I get the downtime I'm going to make an application that saves everything in a database.

In pet-related news, we lost three fish recently. Mr. Angelfish and two of our Diamond Tetras got taken down by something that we haven't quite figured out yet. Everyone else is doing pretty fine. Mr. Gecko has his first vet visit the other day - his last shed didn't go so well, and it affected his eyes and his nose so I took him to be seen. So now he has some eye drops and a cream for his nose, and he should be back to his playful self in about a week, we hope. He's still eating like a champ, so he can't be feeling THAT bad.

On the fitness front - things are going alright. This week is spring break, and between packing and schoolwork I'm letting the gym slide. But, I'm able to run 25 minutes straight pretty consistently now. Now I've got to work up to 30 minutes, and then work on distance. I'm doing 11 minute miles, as of now. Slow and steady. My weight hasn't really changed, but I attribute that to the fact that we're trying to eat as much food out of the freezer and pantry so that there's less to move and less to have go bad.

In other news, I'm almost done quilting my winter windowpane lap quilt (I'll make a post on it later). I want to finish it up so that it's one less wip to move. I might be able to finish it up and then start working on the bias tape tonight. Once this project is over and before we move I need to take my machine in to get serviced. It's a Brother Pacesetter 6000, and it's never been serviced, ever. There's never really been any need. It's got its quirks, and some of them can be fixed with a little TLC, though, and if it makes it easier for me to work with then I'm all for it. None of the problems on its own is a big deal, but when they add up it just makes for a huge annoyance. So, to the shop it is!
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So, last semester kept me away from going to the gym, and it sucked. I was in classes from 8 AM - 2 PM, Monday through Friday. I would then have to pick up the hubby from wherever he was substitute teaching that day, come home, and then attend to house duties (cooking, cleaning, fishtank maintenance). Homework in the evening, and then crash into bed at 11 PM.

This semester is going to be much easier on my fitness schedule. Class on Monday from 9 AM - 9 PM, class on Tuesday from 5 PM - 9 PM, class on Wednesday from 9 AM - 3 PM, and one online class. So I have at least Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings to hit up the gym. Saturdays are out as we spend the day doing a scrub of the house and having company over for dinner & movies/games, and we'll see what Sunday brings (Sunday I usually dedicate to homework, but we'll see if I need to this semester).

Unfortunately, because of my laxness in going to the gym last semester I don't have the stamina to run a 5k anymore. :( This must be fixed! I also gained about 10 pounds because I ate like a cow - ice cream 5 nights a week, pies, cookies, tons of pasta and bread (though my diet is heavy in that anyway because we're income-challenged).

So, my fitness goals for 2011:
  • Lose the 10 pounds I gained last semester by June by bringing my eating back under control.
  • Lose an additional 10 pounds to bring my weight to 135 by December.
  • Be able to run a 5k in under 30 minutes by March.
  • Be able to run a half-marathon (in any amount of time) by December.

From time to time my posts here will be about my fitness progress. I'm going to make an effort to use TheDailyPlate on a daily basis to keep track of my caloric intake/foods, and my weight. I'm going to use foursquare and runkeeper to keep track of my running stats. And I'm looking into Fitango for a half-marathon plan.

If you wish to follow:



On that note, I managed to run 1.7 miles in 22 minutes. Terrible, horrible, ew. Let's get to work on fixing that, shall we?


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