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So that necklace board I was talking about? I finished! The glue will take another 24 hours or so to fully cure, but at this point I have a functional, hanging, necklace board. This is so much nicer than having my necklaces hang off the corner of my mirror. Besides getting tangled it just looked janky. SO. Photos, ho! (Also, directions for making your own!)Read more... )
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And it's done! I'm so excited to be sending this off to Christina and her hubby. I ended up not putting her son's name on it, for two reasons: 1: I had already fallen behind, and 2: the kid is going to know it's his anyway. So today I get to wrap it up and send it out! Pics behind the jump. :) Read more... )
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So, since I apparently love to make my life complicated, I'm working on two crochet throws, a baby quilt, and a spring quilt. Add in school, finals, final projects... I'm amazed I have time to work on anything! The good news is I'm finished with all my final projects, and my last final is Monday. Tuesday I have to present a project... and them I'm home free! I'm going to have so much free time I'm not going to know what to do with myself.

Some OTHER good news is that I'm already putting that free time to good use! I finished my spring quilt! It's the size of a baby blanket, as I've found it's the PERFECT size for a throw. It also seems to fit a twin-sized bed pretty well. It's great for those spring nights where it's still a little bit nippy outside -- I'm glad I finished this while there were still nights to use it!

This is the first quilt where I hand-stitched the binding. I never like the way that machine-bound binding looked when trying to get both sides bound in the same run. So, I machine-stitched the back side, and then flipped it over the edge of he quilt and ladder-stitched the front. It took me about four hours, but I think it makes for a much nicer look overall. It's probably something I'll continue to do on future quilts. Also: I want to give mad props to the hubby and his mom for suggesting that I quilt in the diagonal on the coloured squares. It really made the design pop!

So, without further ado... some pictures! :)

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Winter Quilt [Finished]

Wednesday, 16 March 2011 03:14 am
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So, I initially was going to only make the bias tape and pin it, and save the stitching for tomorrow. Well, that plan went out the window as I got into a groove and I just plowed through it. For the record: I absolutely hate bias tape. It is probably the only part I hate about quilting -- stitching it to the quilt. Maybe there's some trick, but I ALWAYS seem to 'un-catch' part of it on the back every so often, so then I have to go back, rip out stitches, and stitch again. On this one, I didn't bother to rip out the stitches - the fabric is dark enough that I figure if you go looking THAT close at it, you deserve to find my mistakes... lol.

This quilt would have been a LOT easier if I could have used my darning foot... unfortunately, no matter what I did, I couldn't get the tension right with the thread that I was using. The thread is a metallic silver on the top and black in the bobbin, and the silver gave me nothing but trouble (any tips?). So the ENTIRE QUILT is stitched using a walking foot. It sucked, but it was still easier than stitching it with a regular foot. Even with that, the tension isn't QUITE right in some places. When you look at the back, you can see silver thread poking though in some places. It doesn't bother me a whole lot, but now I know for the future: Metallic threads suck.

So now, without further ado, some photos (behind the cut):
(Please ignore how messy my apartment is. I'm in the middle of moving, so stuff is everywhere right now; also, the colour is correct in the second photo. The first one was taken with a flash, and the colours aren't accurate)

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So, I switched gears a little bit from my usual hodge-podge of crafts (namely, quilting. And I'm still trying to work the kinks out of those stupid fabric flowers... but I'm getting there. Using ribbon instead of fabric seems to help) and crocheted a hat. And now the hubby wants one. And a friend's boyfriend wants one. So it looks like I'll be making hats for the forseeable future. Oh, well. It'll be something to keep my hands busy as the hubbs and I finish watching the Star Trek movies... :) I ended up using a yarn that I'd been saving for awhile. I picked it up sometime last year (I honestly can't remember when) and I wanted to save it for something special. I think it came out looking pretty nice. I snagged the pattern from a friend, who found it here

Pics behind the jump. Please ignore my terribad camera skills!
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Happy New Year, everyone! I am happy to say that even with New Year's cleaning, and making pies, and having a small New Year's bash (which was badass, might I add), I managed to finish Cora's Quilt. The binding didn't come out as nice as I had hoped -- usually I hand-stitch the binding but I had to machine-bind it this time because I was worried I'd run out of time and it wouldn't be finished by this afternoon. But, it is finished, and I'm as happy with it as I can be. :)

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